What Is Blueberry Honey And Where Can I Get It?

It is often said that nature is the gift that keeps on giving and it does so in so many ways, be it in natural attractions, beautiful animals, or my personal favorite, food. In particular, what I love most about food is how much you can do with it and when it comes to honey, this truth is no different.

Honey bee on blueberry blossom

Much to the surprise of many, honey is no different from food with different flavors, variations, etc and if you’re curious enough about it you can find an array of honey variations. In this article, we’re going to take the time to explore blueberry honey, what it is, how it came to be.

Where Is Blueberry Honey Produced?

Typically speaking, the first question asked when anyone hears about blueberry honey is usually “where on earth does it come from? A fairly legitimate question due to the initial novelty of hearing about blueberry honey.

Quite a number of honey varieties are created as a result of infusing honey with different flowers, flavors, etc. Lavender honey is a good example and it is created whereby honey is heated up and then lavender flowers are added into the honey.

Once the flavor is infused the honey is then strained off the lavender extracts and the resulting product is lavender honey, or lavender flavored honey depending on how you choose to look at it.

Unlike other honey varieties, blueberry honey is a result of the nectar gathered by bees from the beautiful blueberry flowers. As a result, beekeepers grow blueberry plants within close proximity of their beehives and at times one can find no less than five hives within an acre of blueberry plants.

Beehives in a blueberry grove. Not only do they pollinate they also collect nectar for blueberry honey.

The term “you are what you eat” is to be almost taken literally when it comes to the production of blueberry honey

How Does Blueberry Honey Taste?

It is often relatively easy to tell whether something contains honey due to its distinct taste and aroma. On its own, it is very easy to distinguish the smell and in some dishes, the taste gives away the ‘secret ingredient.

When it comes to blueberry honey it has the naturally sweet taste of honey but it is slightly stronger, albeit in a pleasant way. The taste is smooth but it is also earthy which provides a delightful juxtaposition on your palate.

The aroma of blueberry honey is subtly distinct but it is not too overpowering and provides a delightfully fruity taste with just the right amount of tang to give it its recognizable flavor. Depending on how sensitive your taste buds are some jars of blueberry honey have a very distinct aftertaste.

How Does Blueberry Honey Look?

One of the defining traits of the blueberry fruit is its distinct color, because of this many people expect blueberry honey to have a similar deep blue color. The reality is that blueberry honey is anything but blue in color.

While the color of honey typically ranges from almost clear to dark brown, blueberry honey ranges from light to dark amber in appearance. In some instances, the blueberry honey may have a slight purple hue but this is not widespread and is often limited to specific areas.

People tend to infuse blueberries with honey in an attempt to pass it off blueberry honey but the color is often the giveaway.

What Are The Benefits?

Generally speaking, honey has a variety of health benefits and for many years it has been used by indigenous populations as herbal medicine to treat a variety of ailments, as well as being used as a food.

Traditionally honey was used to treat inflammation, cardiovascular disease coughs, and much more, and over time these facts have been proven by modern medicine.

Blueberry honey is just as beneficial and scientific studies have shown that blueberry honey is rich in antioxidants and this helps to keep us healthy and prevent illnesses such as the flu and colds – this makes it an effective home remedy for the common cold.

Blueberry honey may also aid in combating chronic disease due to its anti-inflammatory nature. This is because it contains high levels of flavonoids and polyphenols and this aids when it comes to ailments like sore throats.

Blueberry honey has been hailed as being particularly effective when fighting bacteria such as E.Coli. According to several scientific studies, the only other honey that ‘rivals’ blueberry honey in terms of the antioxidants contained in the raw buckwheat honey.

Where Can I Buy Blueberry Honey?

Although blueberry honey has grown in popularity over the years, it can sometimes be hard to come by for a variety of reasons.

Realistically speaking it is unlike that you will find it in your local corner store owing to the fact that it is a relatively niche product, but the good news is many beekeepers advertise and sell their blueberry honey products online.

There are also artisanal businesses that offer blueberry honey for sale at farmer’s markets and the likes, although it often depends on the region. For instance, this is more common in areas such as Maine and Michigan.

We’ve gone ahead and put together a small list of places that offer blueberry honey for sale straight to the convenience of your home: 

How Much Does it Typically Cost?

The cost of blueberry honey is dependent on a variety of things ranging from the brand, the quantity, the seller, etc. Not to mention the niche nature of blueberry honey means that it is hard to pinpoint a specific average price as sellers usually set their own costs.

However, blueberry honey can typically range from $7 upwards. As the quantities are usually small the price is reasonable and you shouldn’t have to break the bank.

However bigger quantities will cost you more money, for instance, a 60lb pail of blueberry honey will cost upwards of $200, although these are usually targeted towards bakers, food manufacturers, and the likes.

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Is Blueberry Honey Seasonal?

Blueberry honey can sometimes be difficult to come by for the sole reason that it is harvested and produced in specific regions, it is not a widespread beekeeping practice to harvest blueberry honey nor is it a year-long practice.

For blueberry honey to properly thrive it requires an environment that is temperate and cool. Blueberry plants typically bloom in the month of June making blueberry honey an abundance during these seasons.

Does Blueberry Honey Crystalize In Winter?

Crystallization in honey can seem a bit confusing at first and at times can be a cause of surprise. Most people do not know what it means and often times simply lack the understanding of why it occurs.

Without diving deeply into the scientific aspect of it, crystallization of blueberry honey, and honey in general, is an extremely common trait.

It often has little to do with the changing of the seasons. In fact, in warm regions such as Queensland, Australia where the summers are hot and the winters are very mild, crystallization of honey is still a common occurrence. 

Crystallization is simply a naturally occurring event and is a sign that you are in fact using real and natural honey. Should your blueberry honey crystallize simply place it in a bath of warm water, let it sit for a few minutes, and then begin to stir and the honey will slowly return to its normal viscous state.

The Wrap Up

It is often said that “variety is the spice of life” and being able to try out new things is part of the fun of life and what makes it enjoyable. Apart from blueberry honey being beneficial for the various reasons we’ve explored above it is something new, and delicious to try out.

Maybe you’re like us and enjoy tasting honey from different origins and regions or maybe you’re just realizing that there is more to honey than what you see on the supermarket shelves.

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